Unlimited Data

Unlimited Call

Unlimited text


Do you want to use data as soon as you arrive in Korea? Are you having difficulty finding Wi-Fi every time? Do you need a Korean phone number to subscribe to various services in Korea? If so, try our Pre-paid SIM card service! Get a SIM card as soon as you arrive at the airport and head to your accommodation!

What you can expect

- Paid first, and get your SIM card at the airport to use right away.
- Discounted price for Stay14 guests.

- Unlimited data, call and text plan.

- Available from minimum 1 month pre-paid fees and extend it later.

- Easy to activate and get the sim card at the airport.

Pre-paid SIM card

You can pay for 1 month pre-paid SIM card in advance, and get your SIM card at the airport. You can extend your plan later if you want!

What's the plan for 1 month ?

- Unlimited Data (10G + 3mbps)

- Unlimited Call

- Unlimited Text

How to buy

When you have your exact arrival day in Korea, please contact us! We will let you know how to make a reservation for SIM card.

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